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Akbar Hashemi

The little boy of a family who was in marketplace since he was 6 years old, is now 72. He is the founder of Behrouz Food industry and owner of Behrang brand. Here we talk with him.

When did Behrouz Forotan enter the market?

When I was 6 years old; I worked during summer. Blacksmithing, carpentry, machining and casting were the jobs of those days.

Did working in this age have any effect on your job and life?

Aug 25, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Monday and Tuesday of last week, concurrent with International Exhibition of INOTEX 2016, a meeting named “Iran Silicon” was also held in which some of successful Iranian entrepreneurs inside and outside of Iran, investors, successful directors of innovative companies and Iran entrepreneurship ecosystem activists participated.

According to Ali Hazaveh, editor of Iran Silicon summit and director of Pardis Technology Park, this meeting aims to get resident and non-resident Iranian entrepreneurs together so that they share their experience.

Aug 06, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

“Modiseh” online store in the field of fashion and clothing has more than 20.000 products and more than 100 people are working there. Modiseh is a part of Golestan group investment in online sector. This big company has entered online business and here we talk with its directors.


Where does Modiseh start from?

Aug 06, 2016 Akbar Hashemi


The last Iran Silicon panel, event concurrent with INOTEX 2016 which is held in Persian Gulf hall at Tehran international fair, was “workforce challenge in innovative companies” panel which was held with presence of Hamed Ghanad Pur, CEO of Farda communication company, Fereidoon Kurangi, founder of MAPS, Asieh Hatami, CEO of Iran Talent, Gholamreza Ansari, CEO of Pargasiran, and Ali Zavashkiani, the chairman. 

If you were, I wouldn’t exist

Aug 06, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

200 talented students visited Parsid technology park in order to build culture of knowledge-based economy.

Akhavat academic group in line with five-year plan for providing elite and with the consultation of experts and elites has been active since 1393 and chose 200 talented academic and religous students from Sanandaj to hold two scientific and recreational camps in Isfahan and Hamedan and acedemic workshops and different cultural weekly programs in Sanadaj. this group has considered one-week acedemic and recreational camp.

Aug 04, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

15th Hamfekr meeting in Mashhad was held in a new and special place.

The point which is important for Mashhadi participants of Hamfekr about holding this event is the new approach of this series of meetings in a fixed place at the end of each month.

“Profile” is one of the companies which are active in the field of exporting software services. It had quiet moments outside Iran ecosystem in past years and now it introduces its new startup,, in this meeting.

Aug 04, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Here we talk to Uldis Leiterts who believes that young startups and those who had brilliant ideas can act as pirates and steal the market from big and famous companies. He had come to Iran to visit Iranian startups and select among them so that these startups participate in Piratesummit event which is held every year in Koln.

Tell us about yourself and the works you’ve done in the field of entrepreneurship.

Aug 03, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Masoud Tabataba’i knew how to work with computer when he was a teenager. He studied natural science in high school. At that time he learned programming. Then he took entrance exam but didn’t go to university. He wanted to attend E-commerce courses in a Canadian college in Iran. “They said that we should start from software engineering and then E-commerce courses would be held. But that never happened so I studied software engineering for two years.”

Jul 28, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Sam Madan Poor is 39 years old now. He studied at Kharazam high school. His father was an architect and his mother had M.A. degree. But Sam didn’t like studying and he was only interested in sport, math and physics. He attended computer classes and was interested in repairing computers. His parents sent him to Canada and he studied computer there. After graduation, he returned Iran and have lived here for two years. Then he went to USA.

Jul 28, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

In the war between USA and Vietnam in 1968, Urban Miars was a soldier. He returned home with a physical defect and physicians had told him not to work hard. But he had to because he needed money for his family. After a while, he found out that “the only person who can hire him is himself.”

Miars decision

Jul 27, 2016 Akbar Hashemi