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Ninth Iran Web and Mobile Festival will be hold at 28 Bahman 1395; a festival that had many benefits and many controversies during its 9-year lifetime; from discussions about judgments to being accused that this is gathering of a specific range. Milad AhramPoosh, Shayan Shalileh, Reza OlfatNasab, Shahram Sharif and Akbar Hashemi talked about different aspects. Shalileh denies financial support of the festival and EhramPoush says that the festival was going to be closed many times because of lack of money.

Apr 09, 2017

Ali and Mostafa Amiri started their business with 5 million Tomans and now they are thinking of 2-billion-Tomans turnover per day.

Amiri brothers have founded Zarrin Pal which is a portal for internet payment. Here we interview with them.

What are the most important competitors of Zarrin Pal in Iran market?

Our competitors are PSPs but we are the first in our field.

Which companies are your most important competitors besides PSPs?

Jahan Pay, Pay Line, and Pars Pal.

Is your competition positive or negative?

Jul 05, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Internet businesses are new businesses that are apparently profitable and easy but when you start this kind of business, you face many problems and barriers. Development of electronic businesses and making money in this way have made people who have ideas, more hopeful these days. This is the time that each person talks about his/her idea and tries to run a business.

Jul 03, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Tabassom Latifi has employed housewives and launches a startup that delivers home foods to people who are not at home most of the time or don’t want to cook.

Who are your testers? Are they food experts?

Jun 26, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Reza Kalantari Nejad, who launched Shezan startup in his 40s, has chosen to use the term “a place for creation” instead of company and believes that Shezan is for creating big events in the field of technology. Shezan is born in Bahman 1394 and around 40 people work on it.

Jun 21, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Marzieh Behshti: Shiraz startup grind has started its work with invitation of entrepreneurs in technology and new business areas with the goal of development of knowledge so that they share their experience with youngsters, activists and people interested in these fields.

Jun 20, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Iris software claims that it has solved the problem of people who want to develop their language by watching films, listening to music and reading books. This software is made by Iris Tech Company which has the patent of the first smart players as language training aids.

Jun 18, 2016 Mona Jafari

Saeed Lotfi, Amin Azhdarkosh and Masoud Zareii are the founders of a website which sells restaurants foods online. They start their business with only 3 million Tomans. After a while, they could become successful and develop zoodfood site which is the first online food order.

Difficult but promising start

May 22, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Hesabit is an online invoice service which let vendors provide online invoices and sent them via email and text. It also helps them manage payments, accounts and customers.

Providing invoice takes a lot of time and is a need for businesses. Accounting and tracking accounts is of more importance. Ali Farmad, founder of, argues that he facilitates this process systematically.

How does Hesabit provide invoice? What are other services?

May 19, 2016 Akbar Hashemi