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Honari website and application ( is an online place for learning different arts, preparing required materials and tools and sharing artworks. Amir Fattahzadeh, its founder, has talked to us about this startup.

  • Is Honari institution online or exhibition?

Honari is both an online art institution and an online store. More than 10 masters in different majors like leather embroidery, felt embroidery, Glass painting, mosaic work on tiles and plastic doll are teaching these arts to trainees in this online institution.

On the other hand there are more than 4.000 tools and equipment in our stock which is sent after being ordered by customers.

  • Due to the fact that Iranian art is somehow oppressed even in Iran, what was your biggest challenge and how did you face it?

There are many problems for an entrepreneur in Iran. One of the challenges was laws like tax and insurance and legal licenses.

As long as these problems exist, entrepreneur waste much of their time and energy or try illegal ways both of which are detrimental to our country. The second challenge is human resource.

This is because we don’t have a well-established Iranian entrepreneurship ecosystem and most of talented people work independently or their group work doesn’t have a good legal structure and a good pattern.

Which one is the most important part in this website for audience: store or content?

Its content is the most visited part and the application has more than 100.000 users which stay in touch with us through these courses and learning networks.

  • How do you make money?

From selling ingredients and tools.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

At first we didn’t have any competitor but now there are some sites selling ingredients and tools. Our most important competitive advantage is the completeness of our ingredients and tools for each art and also our learning content.

  • How much is entering acceleration period effective in your business progression?

The best time to enter accelerator is when MVP or prototype is ready. We entered this period in this stage when our site was ready to sell and we have made a lot of content.


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