I have spent more than 100 million Toman on designing!

A Short Interview with Mohammad Farmad, CEO of Laklak


Laklak is a website in which users spend many hours and pass processes for submission of order and purchase. Farmad says that the start of its business hasn’t accompanied with modern designing.

Small and elementary model of its business has caused this and because he wasn’t sure about the level of success, he hasn’t spent so much on designing.

But after LakLak has been changed, Farmad and his colleagues’ strategy changed: we came to this feeling that we should make a good experience for users and we didn’t consider spending on this luxurious.

In this path, he faced with lack of experts and said my colleagues and I weren’t programmers and finding such an expert became a challenge: elementary developers had made the process so slow and thus we were looking for a famous expert.

We spent much because the importance of design is increasing

Farmad talks about the reason for hiring a designer and says that they can examine the problems in a better way when they interact with each other.

They can redesign the product to fix the problem and add new features to the site. Thus he has accepted the costs of having design team.

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