It’s not force, it’s gold

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The last Iran Silicon panel, event concurrent with INOTEX 2016 which is held in Persian Gulf hall at Tehran international fair, was “workforce challenge in innovative companies” panel which was held with presence of Hamed Ghanad Pur, CEO of Farda communication company, Fereidoon Kurangi, founder of MAPS, Asieh Hatami, CEO of Iran Talent, Gholamreza Ansari, CEO of Pargasiran, and Ali Zavashkiani, the chairman. 

If you were, I wouldn’t exist

Each one of these experts talked about their experience but the golden sentences belong to Hamed Ghanad Pur. According to him, in knowledge-based companies, position is more important than profit. He said: “if you are owner of a production company or plant and worry about the future of your business, you probably go to your company to see tools, equipment and materials so that they ease your stress. But what about the owners of knowledge-based companies? When you go to your company you see nothing! This is the difference between human resource and human capital. In knowledge-based companies, capital is humans.”

He also mentioned that we should have a better understanding about the fact that work style in knowledge-based companies is different from that of production companies.

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