Iran market is thirsty of creative designers

There are companies formed in the ecosystem that can help new startups to design user-focused product.


Hiring a designer in startup teams costs a lot. On the other hand, it isn’t the time to ignore website and software design and we can’t enter the market without a high quality product.

But there are companies formed in the ecosystem that can help new startups to design user-focused product.

Amin Esmaeeli, creative manager of Websima agency, believes that small startup businesses should cooperate with companies that offer consulting service before providing their product to the market or launching their business and use their experience.

  • Which changes are made during recent years in the concept of website and software design?

Website design has changed a lot during past 5 or 6 years and design is not a space or offering information.

User should be in contact with business owner and updated information should be provided to the user and the site should be seen.

Thus UX, high speed of site, correct show and fundamental design all together can increase the chance of achieving a better status for the businessman.

In result, website design is a combination of different tools for success in web space not just designing and coding.

  • Website users or website owners is not specific to startups and it seems that when each company is formed whether formed physically or traditionally, its site would be launched. How much do they see website and design as a product that can increase their success?

According to our experience we have in Websima and requests and communications we faced with every day, this kind of insight towards site in startups and companies is very different.

In most of big companies and old agencies, people have a traditional look to website and it is like an online catalogue that provides information that is put on site and it is available to audience for a long time.

They launch site so that they don’t stay beside the competitors and to experience this space but in contrast, site design is more purposeful for startups.

They think about this fact that what this site is going to do, who the audience is and what identity they will have before designing a website.

Startups and small businesses that come to this market with purpose, achieve more success in launching a website and they promote this success consistently.

Now this may happen in a space with changing design or with content production or even a combination of these two.

So small and active businesses get better feedback from their sites and website design because they are looking for a specific purpose of designing.

But big and traditional companies are just looking for a space to introduce themselves over internet and they don’t look for improvement through website.

  • Your company offers website design consultation; right now some startups are the designers of part of their team and some of these designers have launched startup; how important is that the designer is a member of team and monitor it or get consultation from a company like Websima?

We started our job with Websima and designed internet store website but during past 5 years, we came to this conclusion that customers want something more than a website from us and want us to provide complimentary service.

Services like content production, activity optimization in social networks, improvement of online branding and helping them to grow and progress and so far we could hold many small and big seminars.

If businesses want to invest on web space specially startups that don’t have good financial situation, it is important for them that they themselves make a team that can be very valuable and profit making in a long term.

But this should be done in a special situation and team making isn’t always the vital option.

I usually recommend startups that come to me and want to work in web space to start their job with a website design company but don’t define the project they finally want to launch because the cost of launching a project is very high and at last they would face problems.

But when they start their work with a website design company, at first they use the company’s experience and expertise.

They can work with them for 6 months and know what they want and they have the opportunity to make a team. This team can produce its final product with a lower cost after six months.

  • What are included in the costs of designer and design?

Companies present in web space, are faced with a definite range of prices that is they don’t need complicated facilities.

For example, the cost of designing a site of a company with acceptable facilities in Iran web is between 2 to 8 million tomans but businesses that want to start working as startups, should pay at least between 7 to 8 million tomans for designing a site based on the projects which is defined.

That is the volume of the project and the number of hours it takes to complete the project.

But in comparison to a full time workforce that works inside the business, its salary and trial and errors happened so that a final product is offered, cooperation with design consultation companies is more affordable.

I always recommend them to start in a lower level and by a design company and use their experience.

Most of startups I talk with have rewritten their service after six months from their launch and they had to make new team and start all over.

  • One of the issues in the ecosystem is the issue of lack of human resource in different fields; how is the situation in the field of website professional design?

Right now lack of workforce is felt in this field and there is also a high thirst for such forces; that is, we have ideal job opportunities for which we don’t have workforce.

This isn’t specific to Iran in the field of web design and all over the world we see this problem because those who work in the field of website design achieve high levels of knowledge and they think about entrepreneurship and launching business themselves.

Thus when workforce become experts and see the space of entrepreneurship, they don’t want to work full time in companies any more.

  • How much is the salary of a designer?

In the average, the salary of new designers is from 1500,000 tomans and for experts it is between 3 to 7 million tomans.

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