Online Crossword Puzzle


You must have heard that 70 percent of human intelligence is inherited and other 30 percent is achieved from environment.

Also one of the best ways of boosting memory is to solve crossword puzzles and Sudoku which are considered as brain booster.

Solving puzzles is an exercise for brain and it keeps us away from Alzheimer’s and lack of memory.

But researchers concluded that solving puzzles can bring peace and remind people of the feeling of satisfaction and completeness after doing a hard task. is an online magazine which tries to meet online users’ needs to solve crossword puzzles.

The founder of this website says: “this puzzle is free and users who are interested in solving crossword puzzles and Sudoku can create it online and enjoy solving it.”

He also considered subscription for users so that they can select different topics like sport, religion and etc. and solve them in addition to common puzzles, access to answers and participate in online puzzle festival.

Jadvalonline also provides different free and online games with different topics to users in terms of topic and gender and tries to help its users have fun and good time.

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