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Event center is developed by a group of young people from Isfahan. Their most important startup is “Isfahan+”. Their second startup is “Event center”. Here we talked to Davood Dehghan and Mohammad Samsaam Babadi.

  • How did it start?

We were looking for a wordpress registration plugin and one of our members accepted to program a plugin. After a while he said that designing a website is more rational than programming a plugin like this. Therefore, we decided to expand this site.

  • Which services are offered in your website?

Event holders can easily plan and manage events, classes, tours, conferences, festivals, competitions, seminars, webinars, workshops and any group activity, and participants can register in these events quickly and easily.

  • How do you update this service?

According to users’ needs and feedbacks, we add new facilities and expand current features.

  • How do you make money?

When an event is for charities or free, we don’t get any money but for paid events and registrations we charge a percentage of the transaction.

  • How do you attract customers?

Some people find us through Google search or social networks. Some call us or visit us in person. Also some of our users are introduced by old users.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

All of our services for free events are free, sending SMS for all the events is free. There is a possibility to buy ticket from website, and making events for charities and supportive tickets, preparing favorite forms in order to get information like blood group, insurance number, identification number, and creating a schedule are among our features.

  • What is your outlook for this business?

Due to the fact that online registration is not inclusive right now, this site tries to be the main player in this field.

  • In what field have you succeeded so far?

We could have significant customers like Iranian Cheetah Society, University of Isfahan, the capital of Azad University of Mobarakeh, scientific research park, riding board of Isfahan, Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Startup Weekend.

  • Why don’t you use accelerators and growth centers?

These centers provide consulting and networking services, but we had a good foundation team so we didn’t need them.

  • What are your other similar activities in this field?

Isfahanplus.ir, 7mobile.ir, koohgard.com, apple724.ir and also holding different events.

  • How did you prepare primary capital?

Startups raise fund in different ways: 1. Loan from family and friends, 2. Personal income, 3. Credit working and without gaining wage. We use second and third ways.

  • What are the problems in front of you?

Lack of people preference to register online and lack of event holders trust in online registration process.

  • What are the disadvantages of being away from Tehran?

For all businesses, it is an advantage to be in the official and economic center because they can have access to a large market and business and official relations are easier.

  • Which problems did you succeed to solve?

Finding expert and committed workforce who can work in a startup environment and accept its hardships was a problem, but we finally found the right persons. As well as obtaining relevant permits from relevant organizations.

  • What is you saddest memory in this startup?

It was when all the members of our team went to one of our members’ house to hold a meeting. At first, we prepared a food for dinner.

After dinner, Davood cut two of his fingers with sink and they began bleeding a lot. Immediately we went to the hospital.

His fingers had 10 stitches. When we came back home, we stuck in elevator. It was about 12 that one of the neighbors saved us and after two hours we could start our meeting.

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