Now FinTech followers have a holy book as well

FinTech word has entered to startup literature one or two years ago. If you search this word in google, we see paragraphs which are redundant:


FinTech word has entered to startup literature one or two years ago. If you search this word in google, we see paragraphs which are redundant:

“now the combination of technology enthusiasts who wear T-shirts with investors and financial directors who wear coats is about to change financial services.

New generation of startup is formed to penetrate in the heart of financial and banking industry. FinTech startups and companies are growing quickly.

Because most of experts and analysts believe that the future of banking industry depends on such startups growth, people want to invest more on new companies.

Global investment on FinTech startups in 2014 has reached to 12 billion dollars.” Fintech startups are the ones that work in the field of banking and payment innovative solutions.

Now that these startups are grown, it is necessary to produce its literature. Some books have been written by Bert King, Chris Skiner and others some of which are also translated into Persian.

Now for the first time a FinTech book has been written and published. Editor and author of this book is Susan Chishti.

Who is Susan Chishti?

FinTech book published in April 2016 by Wiley Publication. This book was published with the topic “financial technologies” for the first time.

166 intellectual leaders and experts from 27 countries worked together to prepare this book. Digital banking club has introduced Chishti as a powerful woman in digital financial services in 2015.

Susan in Circle FinTech company encourages investors, entrepreneurs, business leaders and those who affect financial technologies to connect to each other.

She says we will face a new industry which changes banking, payment, investment and trade with customers and businesses around the world.

She has a good experience in banking. She worked in Devich Bank, Lloyd’s banking group, Morgan Stanely and Accenture in London and Hong Kong for 14 years.

She also gave many speeches in FinTech events. Recently she gave a speech in “FinTech Economist” conference with the topic of “future of FinTech and investment situations in this field”. She also had a speech in “FinTech exe” in Frankfort.

About the book

This book is prepared with crowdsourcing method and the help of international experts in the field of financial technology.

It has ten chapters and starts with FinTech and FinTech centers in the world and takes a look at FinTech solutions and at last reviews different stories about success and pays attention to encrypted currencies and in the end forecasts the future of FinTech.

Why is this book important?

In the new era of financial and banking startups, there is a need to written sources which are about successful businesses. So far nearly ten books are written in this field, five of which are translated into Persian.

But this one is different. This time a group of experts who are parts of this new period has come together and shared their experiences.

Is banking supposed to be destroyed?

Old methods have been used in banking for years. Sometimes it may have technological appearance but it is totally traditional and bank directors pay more attention to order rather than innovation.

In banks men and women wear formal suits and never get out of a definite frame. Economic crisis whose base was bank, was the best time for startup growth.

FinTech startups appeared ten years after the growth of other startups. Due to the fact that startups are new in Iran, we should not expect banking and payment startups to make big changes; but things will be changed!

When you believe in something and are ready to put your energy in it, tools will provide you with things that people from around the world would join you and you can do things that are normally not easy.

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