Running after heart surgery

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The attention to English language learning was so much in 1380s. A part of different people, students, employees and professors, had been spent in English classes and each one of these classes had their own methods for learning English as a second language. There were many advertisements in this area. OLC was one of famous language institutions which had many students. It was a virtual institution which came from a family business. Shayan Shalile, the owner of this institution said: “the future belongs to online institutions. That time I didn’t know what E-learning was, but I wanted to make a change in traditional structure of institutions…” He added “we grew so rapidly within three years and in 1384 we offered online services to about 100.000 students. It was unbelievable. We closed all institutions and focused on online business.”

Everything was ok. But when you have an online business and you can’t do anything about Internet speed and quality, disastrous problems may arise. In 1388 Internet had some problems and this situation had a negative effect on OLC. But the main damage was made by us.

I remember that when I decided to leave OLC, one of my friends who was looking for a director of human resource education asked me to help him. When I said I can do it, he didn’t believe me. That was the toughest aspect of failure.

He talked about the growth and progress of its current E-network which is the biggest online advertisement companies and said: “The growth rate in 1392 was 800%. In 1393, we had investors and until the end of this year our team would consist of 35 people.” A company that learns from the failures in virtual learning business, plays the game with more attention and caution. It learned that all small businesses should be included in online advertisement; that never quit and focus on growth. Shayan Shalile said “old markets say if you fail and lost everything, don’t turn off the light of your store, let them know that you exist and you want to stay. When you turn the light off, it means that you don’t exist, you’re finished.” he said that when we fail we have nothing and nobody is around us to help. At that time you should say to yourself that it’s time to get up. Failure is like a heart surgery and you should learn that after the surgery you must run.

Shayan Shalile

Founder of E-network company


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