Creating new opportunities with new name


Shiraz startup grind has started its work with invitation of entrepreneurs in technology and new business areas with the goal of development of knowledge so that they share their experience with youngsters, activists and people interested in these fields.

Since Mordad 1394 until now, five events are held during which entrepreneurs and people interested in gaining experience in all fields from computer to medical majors were present.

They showed the challenges of business world to entrepreneurship world in technology with their follow-up and support. Gradually, the goal of event during this period changed from introducing entrepreneurs in technology to all businesses so that knowledge-based society becomes developed.

According to the vast domain of entrepreneurship concept and due to the fact that this field is not limited to technology, Shiraz startup grind continue its work with a new name, i.e. Shiraz business society, and more audience.

In Shiraz business society entrepreneurs from all fields are invited to share their experience with people who want to start their business. It should be noted that starting a business in a city like Shiraz and not a big city like Tehran is difficult.

Entrepreneurship experience in these two cities is very different. Shiraz business society and events wants to introduce successful Shirazi people to that city and province and then to all interested people all over the country.

One of its goals is to reduce immigration of experts to big cities or even abroad and wants to provide an opportunity for growth and nurture of native talents.

This society hopes that one day many impossible works even in Shiraz become possible. It is essential that the path become analyzed precisely and complexities become known.

This will be done through use of experience of others who have passed this path. In fact Shiraz business society is going to provide such opportunity.

Sixth event of Shiraz business society will be held in 12 Khordad in which Ehsan Tamis, director and founder of Fafa computer city attends.

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