About Shanbe Magazine

Shanbe magazine is the first specialized publication in the field of startups in Iran. Our goal for promoting entrepreneurship culture and employment is to introduce startups and fields having the capacity for the launch of startup in Iran, show successful and unsuccessful foreign examples to the audience, teach how to launch a startup and how to enter global market, talk to big Iranian startup owners and new startups, cover news and news events in the field, start discussion through talking about issues with authorities and activists in this field, and authorities in private sector, solutions for problems and challenges and etc.

Weekly Saturday is distributed not only in Tehran kiosks and 61 cities, but also in all Iranian events (on the average, every day Weekly Saturday is distributed in 5 events across the country.)

In Weekly Saturday best and most experienced journalists, experts, and advisors in the field of startup write and consult.

We have launched Shanbe Mag site in two languages, Persian and English, so that more young people can have access to it. Also, audience can see the magazine online and in the format of PDF and download it for free. The price of the printed version of Shanbe is one thousand Tomans which is not expensive at all. Our goal is not to make money through selling this publication. We want to promote entrepreneurship culture and employment and growth of Iranian startup ecosystem.

We have made all the efforts to use all media for development of Shanbe so that it can be seen. So in all social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Telegram, etc. you can see our presence.

Shanbe Mag in English is a gateway toward Iranian start-ups, you can get familiar with Iranian startups, Iranian startup news and investment in Iranian startup ecosystem. If you like to invest in Iran and want to get more information, our team will guide you.

Director and editor of Weekly Saturday is Akbar Hashemi who is one of the Iranian experienced and known journalists. This publication is published by private sector.