Operating a startup by a 20-year old boy

By launching Shenase for organizations all the process has become electronic, in the way that instead of issuance of paper receipt, an electronic receipt in the form of SMS is sent for clients via a panel provided to the organization.


AmirReza Jalayer is a 20 year old boy who has launched a startup, Shenase, in order to contribute to online payments.

He is born in Kashmar and launched his startup with a capital equals about 50 million in Mashhad and now he is a student in Mashhad Azad University in IT major.

Although AmirReza is too young but he was technical department officer in a telecommunication company associated to Hamrahe Aval which was in the field of added value service of SMS.

The idea of launching the startup came to his mind because of something that happened for him in this company.

“I had problem in ordering food from restaurants in the company where I worked. When I ordered a food, I had to pay in cash and there wasn’t the option of online payment or paying with POS.

This caused me to negotiate with these restaurants and propose them to design a site for them so that they can offer online payment through their site.

But most of them didn’t accept because the costs of designing a site. At that time the idea of developing a system in which customers can issue bills and pay the bill online and trough internet, came to my mind.”

Read these posts carefully:

The idea was to design a system and offering a management panel to restaurants through which they can issue the bill for orders but AmirReza and his teammates couldn’t get E-symbol and payment port and therefore this idea didn’t have executive possibility.

Then they decided to negotiate with banks to have the function of payment through POS and ATM and InternetBank.

They could persuade Bank Pasargad, Bank Mellat, Bank Shahr, and Post Bank so that they receive the issued bills from Shenase.

What Shenase does

Shenase which was to act as a facilitator of online payment for restaurants at the beginning, is now used in organizations. “after we could solve the problem of payment and made contract we banks, we negotiated with several organizations so they can use this service in their payments.

Organizations especially municipalities use deposit receipt for payments that customers should do. In the way that the customer has to refer to the organization first and receive the deposit receipt and them pay it in the bank and deliver the payment receipt to the organization.

By launching Shenase for organizations all the process has become electronic, in the way that instead of issuance of paper receipt, an electronic receipt in the form of SMS is sent for clients via a panel provided to the organization, which has bill ID and payment ID through which the client can pay by an ATM or online.

Sending electronic bill via web service is also possible for organizations and the ID is connected to the accounting system of organization.

After not in person payment by the client, there is no need to refer to the organization again and the payment done, would be recorded in a panel we give to organizations automatically

This has merits for clients and for the organization. Firstly, the regular referring of clients to organization would be reduced and the client can follow the payments easily.

Secondly, organizations wouldn’t be so crowded and there would be an order in financial issues of the organization and there is no need to enter bills manually which is full of errors.

On the other hand, organizations can receive different reports including payment reports from Shenase panel.”

The method of Shenase for making money

Right now Shenase system is being launched in 72 municipalities of Khorasan and Shenase panel is available to organizations for free “our method of making money is based on the wage we receive per each payment.

This wage is 500 tomans per each payment bill and based the deal with organizations, this wage is paid by the organization or the client.”

Shenase has started its organizational job for a year and since this system is launched in organizations of Khorasan Province, about 8000 bills are paid by the system almost all of which were related to 30 organizations.

Using this new payment system in organizations requires building trust and AmirReza says one of the most important reasons that organizations have trusted on us to use this system for their payment, is that payments are done from known bank ports.

AmirReza says that they want to develop their work “right now we have given a percent of our share to Manesh accelerator so that we can develop our market better.

Since the launch of our job, the most important challenge we have faced in developing it was that traditional managers in the organizations hardly accept to use new payment methods and they prefer traditional system rather than online payment system and the process of launching system in organization is time consuming.”

Anyway, Shenase team has been successful to cover its costs until now and they are hopeful that they reach profit this year “I think so far we had good growth and the method of introducing Shenase is done in person and by negotiation and so far we haven’t paid any money for advertisement.”

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