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I wanted to participate in photography courses so I searched in internet and found IranDoreh site whose office is in Isfahan. Now we talk to Mahmood Parsa, idea holder of IranDoreh.

  • Where does this site come from?

In 1390, I was interested in internet and needed Photoshop. I was looking for a good institution to learn this software. But I didn’t find one. After that, I participated in an entrepreneur course which led to this idea.

  • Which services are offered by IranDoreh?

With this site we can quickly find the nearest institution to workplace, home or university and compare courses and attend them.

  • How do you update this service?

Through attracting new institutions and academic articles, which take place with the help of different institutions.

  • How does this service make money?

Through registration of people who are looking for learning courses.

  • How do you attract customers?

There many ways, for example, holding seminars in universities, advertisement in websites and etc. we also advertise in Telegram, Instagram and other social networks.

  • What is you competitive advantage?

Our competitive advantage is that all the courses in this site have 1 to 10 percent discount. We also want to talk to bookstores so that they consider a discount for those IranDoreh members. Site update is another advantage.

  • What is you outlook for this business?

Having at least 400 institutions and 3000 users and introducing this site to all cities of Isfahan within 18 months. Having at least 5000 institutions and 500.000 users and introducing this site to all cities in Iran for the fifth year. Our ultimate goal is to make people trust us.

  • What have you gained so far?

We have a good group to continue our project.

  • What are your problems?

Unfavorable economic conditions which could hinder our project.

  • Which problem has been solved in your startup so far?

One of the main problems was the type of money making system which we solved.

  • What is your recommendation for startups?

They must have good group members who are creative and work hard.

  • Which opportunities you are deprived of due to your distance from center?

Most of the courses are held in Tehran therefore we register less institution.

  • How did you collect your basic capital?

We transferred shares to our partners.

  • What is your saddest memory about IranDoreh?

We had many bad moments but they weren’t important. The saddest memory is about cooperation agreement. We were about to fight but fortunately everything went ok and now we are working together.


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