Gheymatyab, helps you buy goods cheaper

We talked to Ehsan Davoodi, the founder of Gheymatyab. It gives all users the opportunity to contact sellers and buy what they want

0 is a professional website for comparing updated prices of different products. It gives all users the opportunity to contact sellers and buy what they want. We talked to Ehsan Davoodi, the founder of Gheymatyab.

  • The prices of how many online stores are compared with each other by this website?

We offer information about 150 stores to users.

  • Stores which have high prices would definitely lose their customers because of this comparison. Do they complain about Gheymatyab service?

No, fortunately this service contributes to competition between stores to sell their products with low prices. We also quote from stores about the reason a product is more expensive, reasons like the type of guaranty, color diversity, gifts and etc.

  • What about stores with low prices? Do they have low quality?

We mention any reason that leads to price decrease based on what the stores have explained in their sites. So store owners are responsible and buyers can make a choice.

  • How does Gheymatyab make money? Does it receive a part of each financial transaction or is it dependent on cpc?

We use cpc. Online stores register in our website and after being approved, they can buy monthly or annual packages and enter their prices in the site.

On the other hand, internet users search and enter Gheymatyab and look for their needs among different stores. When they choose one store, they click on it. With each click an amount would be deducted from that store account.

  • Thus sending meaningful traffic to online stores is how Gheymatyab makes money.

Yes, of course.

  • How do you attract customers?

Through different marketing channels. But we mainly focus on high quality content production and search engine optimization.

  • How many domestic competitors do you have whose performance is similar to you? What is your competitive advantage?

We offer updated information of each product and service to users. Also users would be notified of any changes in prices through sending SMS. We also offer change chart and comparison.

  • Price change charts for a certain product, in determined intervals, are of economic data for each industry which can be one of the resources for raise funding and economic analysis in that area.

Yes, these data is important for us too and we are ready to provide it to any applicant. Right now we have provided information about updated prices of different products to which we have access using rss service, to several publications.

  • Are searching and recording information done manually or by a robot?

A price-reader robot searches and records price automatically in #c language.

  • If you could go back to the past, which part of the way would you rather correct?

We would launch our startup more quickly.

  • Do you have an outlook for this site?

The possibility to compare other products and services like internet service, insurance, bank and becoming a website in order to compare price and quality of products and services offered by suppliers, stores and service companies in Iran.

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