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Internet businesses are new businesses that are apparently profitable and easy but when you start this kind of business, you face many problems and barriers. Development of electronic businesses and making money in this way have made people who have ideas, more hopeful these days. This is the time that each person talks about his/her idea and tries to run a business.

Jul 03, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Third panel of Iran Silicon summit is panel of “innovative management methods in innovative companies” which was held first day with presence of Shahab Javanmardi, Fanap CEO, Masood Gudarzi, deputy of strategic planning and development of Golrang industrial group, Ali Hojjat, active researcher in Germany at Samsung Electronics, and Arsalan Mahtafar, with more than 10 year experience in advising about innovation in North America, and with leadership of Reza Kalantari Nejad, director of Shezan.

300 billion Tomans capital venture in Golrang

Jun 25, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Conferences, seminars and congresses are one of the most important marketing tools and if they are precisely programmed and run, there will be positive and important results for businesses. E-booklet of “principles of holding successful events” is prepared by Ivand, system of holding event in Iran, and is provided to editors and holders of congresses and events for free. The goal is to teach scientific and executive skills required for holding seminars, congresses and conferences.

Jun 20, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

FinTech word has entered to startup literature one or two years ago. If you search this word in google, we see paragraphs which are redundant: “now the combination of technology enthusiasts who wear T-shirts with investors and financial directors who wear coats is about to change financial services. New generation of startup is formed to penetrate in the heart of financial and banking industry. FinTech startups and companies are growing quickly.

Jun 16, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Nazanin Daneshvar, founder and CEO of Takhfifan startup, welcomes attracting foreign investment and emphasizes on receiving knowledge from foreign parties. She says: “technology is a new area in Iran and thus the probability of domestic Iranian investors investing in this area is little because they don’t know this field and have no estimation about its risks. Therefore, one of the suitable approaches for growth of this market is attracting foreign investors.

Jun 16, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Sarava press release about attracting foreign investment

Pomegranate investment’ company, Sarava European partner, could attract 60 million euro from several European investors and soon it would do its Initial public offering (IPO) through stock.

Jun 11, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Mohsen Molayi, founder of Bonyad Paresh: village is one of the key factors of production and formation of processes in Iran. This little place is independent in producing needed products and has an important role in forming human societies. Population growth, weather changes and change of lifestyle and entry of disparate cultures are among causes that have led to immigration from villages to cities. This has led to lack of human resource. Rural society is a kind of long-term society in which generations transfer their experiences for example agricultural experiences to the next generation.

Jun 09, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

When it comes to attracting capital, it means that many problems are going to be solved. Mostafa Amiri says: “one of the key factors for growth is financial capital. But, first of all we should see whether attracting capital is the main problem in Iranian startups or not? I think in current situation there is another issue which is more important and that is the capability of attracting capital in Iran startup ecosystem.

Jun 07, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

At the edge of INOTEX Exhibition 2016, a technology and science cooperation agreement were signed between two companies from the private sector of Iran and Belarus. This agreement was made at Monday 3rd Khordad 1395 which is about the transfer of nanowire silicon transistors and related equipment design and manufacturing technology between Iranian company, Shezan, and Belarusian company, Planar. These transistors have implications in production of bio sensors.

May 29, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Swedish Pomegranate in Iran, feedbacks of a new investor called Pomegranate in Iran

The most important issue after Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is to create a positive image of most secured country in the Middle East. It seems that political and economic efforts are coming into conclusion. Some contracts are signed and some are going to be signed.

May 23, 2016 Akbar Hashemi