Looking for innovation in management


Third panel of Iran Silicon summit is panel of “innovative management methods in innovative companies” which was held first day with presence of Shahab Javanmardi, Fanap CEO, Masood Goodarzi, Deputy of strategic planning and development of Golrang industrial group, Ali Hojjat, active researcher in Germany at Samsung Electronics, and Arsalan Mahtafar, with more than 10 year experience in advising about innovation in North America, and with leadership of Reza Kalantari Nejad, director of Shezan.


300 billion Tomans capital venture in Golrang

Massod Gudarzi announced that last year turnover of Golrang industrial group was 5500 billion Tomans and it made everyone wonder. He said: “so far Golrang investment on capital venture is about 300 billion Tomans.

Albeit 80 percent of capital venture shares belong to Golrang! This group also granted 100 gold coins to innovative ideas which lead to profitable businesses.


Looking for completing Fanap value chain

Shahab Javanmardi explains activities of this company, activities that led to establishment of Fanap innovatice center, IT café and Trig Up accelerator, and emphasized that innovation means completing Fanap value chain and thus this company supports plans which complete Fanap value chain.


For real innovation, invent the cycle from the beginning

Arsalan Mahtafar mentioned to an interesting experience about innovation in a Canadian bank and said: “in one of Canadian banks, the process of opening an account for a user takes three days.

We held several meeting to come up with a method to shorten this process. All experts during these meeting thought about little changes which shorten some minutes or at most one or two hours of this process.

But that wasn’t what we wanted. In one of the meeting we mentioned to another bank which has the same process done in less than 10 minutes.

This cause experts to reach innovative solutions.” It shows that for innovation and creation, sometimes we should discard all we have and know, and then invent a cycle from the beginning; maybe this simple rule has made startups like “uber” successful.


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