Kashkool; feed news together

If we compare Kashkool with other news feeds in Iran, we see that the personalized content feature is its competitive benefit

Mehdi Niazi Manesh had the idea of developing a content sharing site.

Factors like lack of a place for tracking favorite sites, not to publish contents well, not viewing some contents and lack of a place for categorizing contents were the cause of developing Kashkool.

  • What are the services that Kashkool site offers?

This a king of news feeds in the form of social network which makes news and content available to people and records their comments.

Only there are news and contents of published contents of sites in this site. Maybe you want to follow the contents of a certain site or follow them based on a certain tag or read the contents which others republish. We want this site to register people’s responses to the contents they read.

  • How do you update this service?

This is always our biggest technical challenge. We always have to receive, sort and save contents. The reason of high speed of our site is that the contents are directly saved in Kashkool.

  • This app is free. So how do you earn money?

One of the rules is that this app should always be free for users. We want to develop Kashkool so that we get more from the market and implement the revenue model we’ve designed.

  • Don’t you choose a limited market?

No. Kashkool is a two-sided platform. On one side, there are users and on the other side there are sites. This platform wants to simplify the tasks of both.

But so far sites didn’t show any attention. So we want to run services which a site owner needs in order to publish and send its contents to users.

For example, we’ve run a service with which directors can connect their sites to Telegram channel so that their contents automatically are put on Telegram channel after release.

We always asked the sites to introduce Kashkool to their users so that users can access to their contents more easily. Kashkool is a good solution for new sites which have valuable content production.

  • What is your competitive benefit over others?

If we compare Kashkool with other news feeds in Iran, we see that the personalized content feature is its competitive benefit. Persian news feeds support a series of sites and make users follow contents only from those sites.

In other words, you can’t follow any site or certain tag and there is an equal environment for all users. But you follow your favorite sites and tags in Kashkool.

Our competitive benefit over foreign competitors is our sociability. We want to guide Kashkool towards mutual content connection.

In other words, users can receive the contents they want and also the contents can record user’s reaction.

  • What is your outlook about this business?

Kashkool will be a comprehensive service with many platforms. We hope that we can release iOS app until the end of 2016 and then produce its app for other platforms.

  • In your opinion, what would be your problem in the future?

Currently, our biggest problem is how to describe Kashkool and how to say that which needs it meets. Also we need some help to have access to big news agencies.

  • I know that you have many opportunities to cooperate with other startups. According to this, what is you recommendation to those who are launching startups?

The truth is launching a startup is very different from other businesses. One of the mistakes that most of these people make is that they think they need high financial security to start. In fact startups just need a good team at first.

A good and motivated team can solve all of the problems. I advise that search for a good and suitable team. Money is not the first thing to launch a startup.

In most cased having lots of money has led to failure. If you understand users’ needs and be patient, you will definitely succeed.

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