Tabatabaei’s journey in Iran IT market

They launched a site named Buyex, They were the third group purchase site in E-commerce after Takhfifan and Netbarg


Masoud Tabatabaei knew how to work with computer when he was a teenager. He studied natural science in high school. At that time he learned programming. Then he took entrance exam but didn’t go to university.

He wanted to attend E-commerce courses in a Canadian college in Iran. “They said that we should start from software engineering and then E-commerce courses would be held. But that never happened so I studied software engineering for two years.”

When he graduated from there in 1382, he founded a company called “Honopardaz”. He worked there about a year. It was a software company. He was only 20 years old and because one of his partners became sick, that company was closed. After that he worked in “Afzarpardaz Remis” company as a programmer.

His expertise was “.net” and he worked as a developer there. In 1383, he also taught .net courses to big and small companies like Saipa, IranKhodro and etc.

He worked in Remis until 1385 and then he went to Norwegian company named “Statoil” which operated 6, 7 and 8 phase of South Pars. He was software manager there. “I earned a lot of experience and became familiar with higher level of software comparing what we have in Iran.”

He worked there until 1388. After that he launched Honopardaz again with one of his classmates. “In Ministry of Roads, we cooperate with Ports and Shipping Organization and several private companies and launched office automation system, particularly management of engineering documents.”

But in 1389 when he became familiar with Groupon website, he talked to his partner to launch a similar site in Iran. This was the beginning of his business as a startup. They launched a site named Buyex and their focus was only on products.

They were the third group purchase site in E-commerce after Takhfifan and Netbarg. In fact, Buyex whose old version was launched in 1390, was based on the courses they took in the Canadian college and after Masoud worked in software and web-based companies, he decided to have an online business.

What Masoud has had in his mind as Groupon, gradually became an online site for clothing sale.

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