Online accounting and collection of receivables

Hesabit is an online invoice service which let vendors provide online invoices and sent them via email and text. It also helps them manage payments, accounts and customers

Hesabit is an online invoice service which let vendors provide online invoices and sent them via email and text. It also helps them manage payments, accounts and customers.

Providing invoice takes a lot of time and is a need for businesses. Accounting and tracking accounts is of more importance.

Ali Farmad, founder of, argues that he facilitates this process systematically.

  • How does Hesabit provide invoice? What are other services?

In Hesabit, vendor can provide invoice in less than 3 minutes. Invoice link will be sent to the customer via email or text.

When the customer opens the link, it shows invoices under which there is a pay online button.

If a customer forgets paying the bill, after a while it will be reminded via email or text. It is also possible that bills be provided through Hesabit SMS system and Telegram robot.

There is a fixed link for order products in social networks like Instagram with which customers can receive bills for their purchases.

  • After tracking unpaid bills, is it possible that customers pay the bills via online payment gateway and directly to customer’s bank account or it first enters your bank account and then is transferred to customer’s account?

This service is provided directly from payment gateway to customer’s account.

  • Is each user or customer required to pay an amount for installation and use of this service?

No, user can use this service after free registration and creating an account. After that, user should pay an amount as a fee according to the bills.

  • So you receive a fee after payment of each bill?

Yes, we receive fees only when Hesabit has done something for the user.

  • I saw golden, silver and platinum packages in your website. What is the difference between these packages and fee payment per each settlement?

In this model, we receive a fee in advance and according to possible number of bills.

  • Who are your users and does Hesabit provide any service for accounting issues?

Small businesses and startups are our target market. We provide amount of credit, amount of sales in different time intervals and the rate of users’ taxes.

  • How many users do you have right now?

About one thousand users.

  • Due to the volume of transactions and services, don’t you face with any problem in service support?

No, our servers are located in France and Germany and we have supported the services ourselves.

  • Building trust in financial services is much more difficult than other services. Did you face any problem in attracting customers?

Yes, the most difficult part was marketing and building trust. We interact with customers in person and hear their needs and explain our services.

  • Do you think which one has more important role in attracting audience: content or advertisement?

Except advertisement in social networks, I believe in marketing content. So we tried to provide news and related notes along with accounting services.

  • Did you fail before designing and implementing Hesabit?

Yes, we launched two projects in which we failed.

  • What are your experiences about these failures?

One of the factors which led to my failure is focusing on technical issues more than marketing.

The second one is the long time I dedicated to working on projects rather than designing and implementing more quickly. Also I spent a lot of time on details.

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