Iranian Startup, National Post Tie-Up to Modernize Services

Iran Post Company and a local startup Alopeyk have forged an agreement as per which postal services will be modernized and get more user-friendly


A deal was signed between the online package delivery firm and the national post company on Tuesday, IRNA reported.

The two companies will offer a new service dubbed Alopost, a mash-up word made by adding initials of Alopeyk’s brand name to the ‘post’.

For sending packages, people are required to visit the post office, fill up forms, and in metropolises like Tehran wait in line until their parcels are processed by a postal worker, according to Financial Tribune.

With the introduction of Alopost, this time-consuming process will become a thing of the past.

Sending packets in just a few clicks

With a few clicks on Alopeyk website or through its mobile application, users will be able to send a service request online. Alopeyk staff will collect the parcel and service fees at the doorstep.

The agreement was signed by Iran Post Company chief Hossein Nemati and Alopeyk CEO and co-founder Mehdi Nayebi on Tuesday.

According to Nemati, “By using Alopost services people can send packages to destinations in and outside the country. The agreement is not an exclusive deal. The post company is looking forward to working with other startups as well.”

Major Iranian ride-hailing firm Snapp also offers package delivery services and observers say the online firm is also likely to sign a deal with the post company.

Alopeyk director says, “The tie-up with the post company is part of our strategy to expand the range of services offered by Alopeyk.”

Earlier the package delivery service provider made a foray into a new field: ride-hailing.

In a talk with news website Peivast, Nayebi said, “A deal has been signed by Alopeyk and Tehran Taxi Organization to use cabs for offering ride-hailing services in Tehran.”

The firm currently offers delivery services in Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad, and Karaj. Alopeyk is set to operate in more cities in the coming months. Nayebi noted that the startup is also poised to introduce and an e-wallet.

Source: Eghtesad Online

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