Sanandaj students’ scientific and cltural visit to Pardis technology park

200 talented students visited Pardis technology park in order to build culture of knowledge-based economy


Akhavat academic group in line with five-year plan for providing elite and with the consultation of experts and elites has been active since 1393 and chose 200 talented academic and religious students from Sanandaj .

They hold two scientific and recreational camps in Isfahan and Hamedan and academic workshops and different cultural weekly programs in Sanadaj. this group has considered one-week academic and recreational camp.

They also have made measurements so that Presidential Deputy for Science and Technology visits Pardis technology park. Talented students of Sanandaj became familiar with knowledge-based economy.

How to earn money from knowledge, realization of supporting domestic products according to laws about support of knowledge-based companies in order to promote knowledge-based economy and culture.

In this visit, they explained about Pardis technology park and different parts of it. Moreover, students visited FanAmooz park and Daneshmandan park.

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