An entrepreneur with 40 functions

In food industry, memories always attract customer. Products are like our children. We should pay attention to its beauty and dress and it should have an idea.


Behrouz Foroutan whose initial capital was 5000 Tomans and now his capital is more than 100 billion Tomans, once worked in a blacksmith shop. He always wanted to earn money himself even when he was little boy.

A hyperactive student whose left hand was tied with a sack so that he became right-handed, is now one of the best manufacturers of the country in food industry; a brand which appeared in TVs during the day and its motto was “hello my friend”.

He says: “I have the experience of working in 40 fields during my whole life. From casting, blowing a ball and renting it, metallurgical engineering, etc. to food production and operating big factories like Behrouz.

I did ice cream making, mounting bicycles, radio repair, collecting rent movies and other things when I was a child. I rented football net and took photographs; and took 2 Rials for each.

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I worked in school buffet, did book-keeping, worked in a construction company and from there I entered contracting and metallurgical engineering.

I had experience in journalism in Keyhan from, 1344 to 1345; I was the director of a theater as well; I had taken Red Crescent course too.”


The bitter Noruz of my life

Every young people consider his/her parents as models of life. My father was my role model and I loved him so much; but I lost him so soon.

The first day of Farvardin 1334 at 9 am, we celebrated the new year. At that time I was 10 years old. Thirty minutes later, my father died and it was the saddest moment for me.

I dedicate my book “always stand up” to those who oppressed me or made me have hard times. Because I believe that there will be enjoyment after every time you face a hard time. I had hard and sad times, but all those days contributed to the position I have today.


Foroutan’s current days

I wake up at 5:30; even if I have slept only three hours. I reply my emails, watch cartoons with my grandchild and enjoy it. I listen to happy songs and in general I am not accustomed with sadness.


Foroutan customer orientation

Behrouz brand has produced 63 types of foods with Behrouz Foroutan management. He mentions to one of the reasons why his products are popular:

“taste, packaging and quality should be attractive and induce the best moments in customers’ mind. I always looked for improvement.

In food industry, memories always attract customer. Products are like our children. We should pay attention to its beauty and dress and it should have an idea

Behrouz brand had a different type of advertisement which was not repetitious; it was indirect: mottos on buses with cultural and social topics like honoring mothers’ status, encouraging book-reading, donating books to visitors of fairs and etc.

In fact Behrouz has a cultural and social background as well and Foroutan believes that attention to social responsibilities is a reason for the success of his brand.

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